-- Focus on Fundamentals --

I am fortunate to belong to the Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild (AAW Chapter 130).  We often have a Focus on Fundamentals session at the start of our monthly meeting.  Members of the club present one of fifteen modules on fundamental topics to whomever is interested.  A number of visitors have seen these sessions and have asked that I make them available. So, below are all the PowerPoint modules saved as hypertext.  All material is is protected by copyright Bruce Campbell.  However, permission is granted for the non-commercial use of this material.

For more information about the modules or or suggestions on how they can be improved please e-mail me. 

Starter Tools Which tools do I need and why
Mounting Systems I spur centers and faceplates
Sharpening I Free-hand sharpening a spindle gouge and a parting tool
Basic Cuts I Cutting with a spindle gouge and a parting tool

Setting up your work area to “fit” you


Mounting Systems II screw centers and chucks
Sharpening II Free-hand sharpening a skew, roughing gouge, and scraper
Basic Cuts II Using a roughing gouge and a skew
Sanding Selecting and using sandpaper on the lathe
Supplies/Suppliers Where to get tools and supplies (pen parts, brass findings, etc)


Mounting Systems III Jam chucks, mandrels, glue, 2-sided tape
Sharpening III Fingernail profiles and sharpening jigs
Basic Cuts III Using a bowl gouge and scrapers
Quick Finishes Sealers (CA glue, shellac), Waxes (paste, hard), Liquids, etc.
Interesting Projects Projects that build skills (Tops, Honey Dipper, Sugar Scoop)

Basics of Thread Chasing