The QuickGrind
Take the Oneway VariGrind® to the next level

Conversion Instructions

Converting your VariGrind into a QuickGrind is relatively simple.  You will need the following tools:
  •  a set of metric hex key wrenches
  • a small crescent wrench
  • a 5/16" twist drill (for metal)
  • a 3/8" x 16 tpi tap
  • hacksaw
  • grinder or metal files
  • drill press or electric hand drill
  • bench vice
STEP 1 - remove the flat spring assembly.
Using the appropriate hex key remove the nut that holds the spring assembly and them remove the spring.
STEP 2 - remove the brass adjustment knob.
Grasp the bolt at the base of the adjustment knob with a wrench and then twist the brass knob off (it is a standard right-hand thread).  The knob is held on with lock-tight so you may have to work at it pretty hard or even use a pipe wrench.  Once the knob is removed thread the bolt downward and remove it from the body.  You may need to remove the wing nut and bolt from the lower swing arm to get the bolt out.  If so, leave that bolt off until later.
Step 3 - modify the clampdown mechanism
Using a hacksaw cut off half of the threaded post on the clampdown mechanism.  This will leave about 1/2" remaining.  (optional - dress up the threads on post with a file or grinder).  Next, cut off the swivel pad as close as possible to the end of the clampdown arm.  Grind or file the underside of the clampdown arm into a smooth curve.
STEP 4 - drill and tap the hole for the clampdown
Drill a 5/16" hole centered 1 7/16" (36mm) back from the center of the adjustment knob hole in the top of the VariGrind body (I prefer to do this on a drill press). This measurement is not terribly critical but try to get it as accurate as possible.  Then tap the hole with a 3/8" x 16 tpi tap.
Step 5 - install the clampdown arm
Thread the clampdown arm into the hole that you just tapped.  Tighten it until it is very tight but still about 1/4 of a turn from being straight.
Step 6 - install the plunger mechanism 
Remove the hex screw, washer, and spring from the top of the plunger mechanism - retain all parts.  Slide the plunger and brass nut up into the old adjustment knob hole from the bottom. You may need to remove the wing nut and bolt from the lower swing arm to get the plunger in.  Then lightly tighten the brass nut with a wrench - but do not over-tighten.   Then slide the spring onto the top of the plunger shaft and secure it with the hex screw.  Tighten the hex screw firmly. 
Step 7 - final clean-up
Grasp the body of the jig firmly and rotate the clampdown arm the final 1/4 turn so that it is in line and the clampdown arm is directly over the plunger mechanism. Finally, if you had to remove the wing nut and screw from the lower swing arm you should replace it now.

You're all set!  
By adjusting the small threaded thumbscrew on the back of the clampdown you can quickly adjust the jig to accept a wide range of gouges.  To release simply squeeze the release lever into the top handle.