The QuickGrind
Take the VariGrindŽ to the next level
I love my Oneway WolverineŽ Sharpening System.  However, the VariGrindŽ jig has several annoying drawbacks:
  • It takes a while to adjust the tool from one size to another - something I do a lot
  • It is sometimes hard to get the thumbscrew tight enough and the gouge slips while grinding.
  • Sometimes the thumbscrew does not hold the gouge flat - this messes up your fingernail.
  • The gouge sometimes binds during grinding making the thumb screw hard to undo.
  • The metal spring tab (older version) shifts around as you are tightening the thumb screw making it hard to tighten
  • As you remove the gouge the spring tab (older version) drags across the freshly sharpened edge. 

The QuickGrind solves all these problems.  Instead of a thumb screw the QuickGrind has a plunger that is activated by an adjustable clamp.  

  • Adjusts in second from your smallest to largest gouge. 
  • Don't need to adjust the clamp exactly - get close enough and the clamp will still grab and hold.
  • The broad face on the plunger holds the gouge flat.
  • Releases instantly and completely leaving nothing to touch the freshly sharpened edge.

The QuickGrind is easy to use without eliminating any of the positive functions of the jig.

Option 1: Brand New Option 2: Re-Built Option 3: Do-it-Yourself

Buy the QuickGrind assembled and ready to use - $100 plus $14.00 S&H.  This is a great option for someone who does not currently own a VariGrind jig.

Buy a rebuilt unit - send payment of $90 plus $14.00 S&H.  I will send you a QuickGrind made from a reconditioned VariGrind jig.  When you get your new jig send me your old VariGrind jig and I will refund you $20.  Your final cost is $70 and you are never without a jig.

Buy the plunger and clamp along with instructions and convert your VariGrind jig yourself - $45 plus $8.50 S&H.  

Click here for instructions to do the conversion yourself.

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